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Have you always wanted to paint something beautiful, but felt like you were terrible at art?

If You've Tried To Create Watercolor Paintings Before & Failed , You Need To Know About This!

Most people think you need to be a "gifted" artist to create amazing watercolor paintings...

Spoiler Alert: That is the furthest thing from the truth!

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This class will take you through an ethereal watercolor adventure with over a dozen detailed examples that we will walk through together.

Get ready for a lifetime of creativity that you never thought was possible before!

'Watercolor Landscapes'

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If you think you're terrible at art, you're in the right place!

Not only are you in the right place, but you are not alone! I used to think that too!

I used to believe that stick figures were the extent of my art abilities...

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

  • ...I've tried painting before but I just don't have enough talent
  • ...I've tried other classes before and I just couldn't get the hang of it
  • ...I've tried to paint before but ended up with an ugly mess
  • ...I'm just not creative enough to create beautiful paintings

If you're like me and think that stick figures are the extent of your abilities, I want to tell you that you absolutely can paint stunning watercolor landscapes! 

The goal for you with this class is to not only learn easy to follow step-by-step process to create beautiful landscapes, but also to learn how to approach your painting with self-compassion!

It's time to stop letting your frustrations limit your potential...

My Aim Is To Show You What Incredible Paintings You Are Capable Of Creating!

Are you tired of feeling like painting is just too hard to learn, isn't enjoyable, and your paintings never turn out well, no matter what you do?

The truth is...

The inherently imperfect nature of the world around us is where we often find the most beautiful, stunning, and breathtaking things.

The SAME IS TRUE with your paintings!

Believe it or not, nature can teach us a lot about accepting imperfection. Embracing your own imperfection & unique style will allow you to create paintings that are stunning & beautiful!

By the end of this class you are not only going to be able to embrace your painting imperfections, you will LOVE them - guaranteed!

My goal is to reframe your mindset about art and empower you with new beliefs that allow you to approach watercolors with self-compassion and curiosity, and really find the joy in the process!

This simple mindset switch has completely changed how I view my paintings, my abilities, and my creativity... I promise it can do the same for YOU!

Hello, my friend.
I'm Kolbie Blume...

...and I used to think I was terrible at art, too.

I am a self-taught watercolor artist, author, mindset coach, and online educator. After spending many years believing I was “not an artist,” I've become most passionate about helping closet creatives think to themselves, “actually, I can do that!

Through 30+ online courses created over the past five years, I've taught more than 25,000 people across the world to love watercolor and creativity as much as I do. I teach thousands more on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, focusing on a magical blend of mindset and step-by-step techniques that help artists unlock their creative potential and find joy in the process of painting.
My first book, Wilderness Watercolor Landscapes, was published in 2020, and the second, Stunning Watercolor Seascapes, will be released May 2022.

When I'm not painting or teaching, I love to read, write, sing, hike, and binge Netflix with my partner and son in our home just outside Washington, D.C.
Curiosity, courage, and connection are at the core of everything I teach

If you're still here, there's a good chance that...


  • You're completely enamored with watercolor and can totally picture a different life where you were born an artist... but in this life, you don't have a creative bone in your body. (Or so you think)
  • After watching a couple YouTube videos and testing out some TikTok tutorials, you're a bit frustrated -- they make it look SO EASY, and you're not sure what you're doing wrong.
  • It's exhausting trying to piece together all the rules for watercolor, and you wish you could find everything in one place.
  • ​You don't want to follow tutorials for the rest of your life -- you want to learn the basics, but you also want a path to help you create masterpieces of your own.

At the end of this course, you will...

  • Better understand art supplies and tools
  • Find your art inspiration
  • ​Grow in creativity
  • ​Learn how to work with various mediums
  • ​Explore painting trees, clouds, mountains, and night skies
  • Paint incredible landscapes with me as your guide
  • Feel confident & happier about your painting skills than ever before!

Check Out These Student Success Stories!

I'm so proud of the incredible paintings the students in my private group have been creating!

"My first ever galaxy!"

"Very happy with this one!"

Amazing mountain landscape by Stefanie!

"I like how these ones turned out!"

Beautiful misty forest by Raechel!

"My very first paintings ever!"

"Painted my own using what I've learned so far!"

"My first attempt. Had a good time!"

"My night skies!"

"Having so much fun!"

"So grateful to have stumbled across Kolbie & her way with watercolors!"

"Night sky in Australia! Pretty special!"

"Galaxy night sky take 1. Looking forward to learning trees next!"

"My try at misty forest! Fun & challenging!"

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"Heres 2 paintings after starting the class last night!"

"My first painting since starting this course!"

"Loved the poppy one so much that I immediately tried another version with watercolors"

"This course is so good. Great practices and so many valuable techniques learned!"

"What fun! Kolbie is amazing!"

"Tried watercolor before but always got frustrated & quit. Enjoying the journey so far!"

"These are two of my favorites so far!"

"Very relaxing after a busy day!"

"Had a lot of fun... practicing my landscape skills from the beginner course!"

"Misty forest. On to module 3!"

"Kolbie, you are such a great teacher!"

"I see more improvement with each painting!"

"Sunsets make my heart happy!"

"Thankful for finding these watercolor classes, and for the wonderful support of this group!"

"I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying these classes!"

"Broke down the different layers I learned in Kolbie's classes. Love how it turned out!"

Ready To Start Your Own Watercolor Success Story? ⬇️ 

Keep Reading More Success Stories Below! 👇 

Create Stunning Landscapes!

  • Detailed, Easy To Follow Painting Projects ($197 Value): Don't waste paint & paper using the wrong techniques trying to get the color and look you want... Use my easy to follow lessons to avoid making the wrong mistakes!
  • Expert ​Guide To Materials, Brushes, and Paints ($97 Value): Get a detailed explanation about how to get the most out of your paper, paints and brushes, by learning basic techniques such as wet in wet painting, flat washes, graduated washes, reverse graduated washes.
  • Advanced Lecture In Abstract Shapes ($67 Value): Learn and practice shaping techniques for an added level depth and immersion. 
  • ​​Supportive Community ($$$ PRICELESS): Nobody who takes my classes has to go at it alone. Join the Facebook community that is full of other artists just like you, where you can share your work & get tips, tricks, and inspiration from both myself and fellow students!

A $361 value...

Get this course today for ONLY $27!

What would this course mean for you?

This will give you the freedom to learn on your own schedule. It will offer clarity in techniques, materials to use and allow you more energy to put into creating your art, and provide an amazing, supportive community!

Take a look at what other students are saying!


Your imagination is the only limit!

 This class is designed for watercolor enthusiasts of all skill levels -- we start with an overview of the basics with simple but relaxing projects that will provide new watercolor artists the support they need to get started.  Projects grow in difficulty throughout the course, challenging new and experienced artists alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Watercolor landscapes for beginners is a one time payment and you will never be charged monthly.

A: Watercolor landscapes for beginners is an online program with training videos teaching techniques simplified, inspiration guides and much more! 

A: Watercolor landscapes for beginners is 6.5+ hours of content! Each section is broken down into manageable video lessons so you can easily look back and review sections if needed.

A: It is for anyone interested in starting their painting journey. Whether you are a complete beginner or someone who has tried painting before and struggled, this is an ideal place to gain success by making beautiful art.

All Transactions Are Processed In United States Dollars!
A: You will get access immediately after purchase as this is an online painting course.

A: Yes, Watercolor landscapes for beginners has a full refund policy within 30 days of your purchase. No questions asked.

A: No. It is all available online no matter where you live! 

A: You have unlimited access to the course for a minimum of 12 months and you can work at your own pace for as long as you have access.

A: We always recommend that you work within your own budget. Kolbie will show you her recommended supply list that is a mix of student grade and professional supplies and why she chose them for the class. You can decide what to purchase once you’ve watched the supplies lesson.


You will receive an email with your login information immediately after purchasing, so you can start painting within minutes!


Lessons are recorded on high quality equipment, so you can have crisp, clear videos anywhere in the world!


Access your lessons from any device! Use a smartphone, tablet, or computer to apply your newfound painting skills!


My lessons are designed in a way that allows you to break down my techniques and tricks in an easy to follow way!